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ACT Seminars and Workshops is a partnership with regional service providers to inform and empower the community with useful information to prosper. Check the Seminar and Workshop portal often, because there will be additional workshop added often. If you are a service provider and would like to list a workshop, please submit your interest to


How to Start A Non-Profit
Starting and Non-Profit business can be over-whelming, but your cause is needed for the greater good of society. This work shop is a great starting point to beginning your journey to creating a stellar non-profit organization. In this workshop you will learn key steps that most non-profits over look in start their business.

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Turn Your Group Into A Team
Team building is key in every organization. Turning your group into a team is no small feat, but keeping in mind the tools, techniques, and exercises shared in this workshop will give organization the much need foundation to begin coming together and make production fun and rewarding.
Mastering Social Media
Social media has become serious business. Few other forms of communication offer you the instant network, broad access, and sheer volume of connections that social media does. But to take advantage of this exciting new medium, you need to know what you’re doing. Simply talking about your day won’t cut it if you want to use social media for business.
Moving to Wealth
Today's citizens face a challenging economic future. Yet the sad truth is that the average family does little or nothing to help prepare themselves for the financial "Real World." Some organizations do offer some financial literacy resources, but very few students reap their benefits. Finacial miss steps has created generational set-backs, but a Click Here today will begin a string of sure steps that your grand kid's kids will appreciate.