ACT Secretary


Arlene Williams is the Executive Secretary of the Taskforce. Arlene is also the founder of Connecting Generations a nonprofit that connects youth and senior citizens. She holds a Bachelors of Business Administration/Entrepreneurship from Strayer University, An Associates of Applied Science in Business from DeKalb Technical College and is currently seeking her Masters at Walden University in Psychology. Arlene has an extensive background with work she has done in the community and many affiliations which includes but not limited to Member of Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society, Certificate in Leadership High-Potential Diverse Leaders, Certification in Project Management, Macklin Intergenerational Institute Certificate in Intergenerational Guide, Notary Public. Arlene currently serves on the Cobb County Neighborhood Safety Commissions appointed by Commissioner Cupid. She has more than 20 years of experience working with both youth and senior citizens. It is her work with each of these groups that helped her to develop this innovative strategy to meet a consistent and epidemic community need. Her business management skills have been a great asset for building the foundation of a successful, nonprofit organization. Her experience includes business administration, product development, Human Resources, Managerial Communications, Marketing Management, Retail Management, Finance, Accounting, and Professional Selling.